12.03.2021. 10AM | Porosz Péter

New Hammy Release 3.21.1

The first new Hammy release of 2021 sees a flexed-out realisation of blacklist and whitelist management. E-mail addresses which are either included or excluded can be collected, formulated and related to templates. Traffic management is another feature that has been available in previous versions already, now it is featured on a new administrator's interface for configuration and customisation. Archiving options have been extended and the HTML visual editor compatibility with the MS Outlook client has been further improved. As usual, the new release contains stbaility and performance improvements. 

12.11.2020. 11AM | Csendesi Cecília

Using Hammy's drag-and-drop HTML editor for creative design

An engaging visual appeal is a basic requirement for the presentation of any content nowadays. The presentation of e-mails must reflect the corporate design, and in the case of marketing messages advanced visuality is indispensable. But creative design has its trapfalls too. How do we ensure that the visual content is within a broader deisgn scope, the structure of HTML be cleand and the contents be displayed correctly on different clients ? The drag-and-drop visual editor of Hammy provides the solution.

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